Marijuana is a herb famous for many uses among them, making tea. Marijuana tea is a soothing delicacy drink made by putting ground weed buds in boiling water for some minutes. Its consumption results in an intense high and pain and stress relief. To make marijuana tea from strain like Black Tuna Kush, follow these steps.

Gather the ingredients which include; half a gram of cannabis bud, half a teaspoon of butter, one tea bag a flavor of your choice, one and a half cup of water and sugar or honey to taste.

Begin by grinding the weed bud. In a bowl, separate the stems from the seeds and by using a sharp knife cut the buds into finely chopped pieces. Place the chopped buds in a bowl, add butter and using a spoon, mix them evenly ensuring the butter coats all the buds. Butter is paramount in aiding the release of THC from the buds enabling you to enjoy it. Once this is complete, take the tea bag and using scissors, cut at the top and empty all the tea leaves. Take the butter mixture and put it in the bag and fold it at the top to avoid spillage.

Next, pour your water in a pan and simmer it in medium heat ensuring it does not boil. Place the teabag in hot water and let it simmer for thirty minutes without boiling. After thirty minutes, take the pan out of the fire, remove the tea bag and allow the tea to stand for about five minutes to cool. In case you want additional flavor, you can add any teabag of your choice at this point.  Add your sugar or honey to taste and enjoy your marijuana tea.

Marijuana tea is another method of consuming weed which gives a user a strong high. Order weed in Montreal or another city across Canada and follow this recipe to make a satisfying cup of marijuana tea.

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