Female Writers Who Shaped the Feminist Movement

Are you familiar with the names of early feminist writers? Have you ever made a list of famous feminist writers? The fact is that male and female writers have contributed to the feminist movement, especially females. Present this list of women writers you may have never heard about.

Simone de Beauvoir

Have you heard about writing movements? Simone de Beauvoir is the woman who wrote a famous book titled The Second Sex. She is one of the most famous female authors of all time. She helped renew the feminist discussions in 1949, and the content written in this book is quite engaging, meaningful and useful for those who want to know the facts of the Feminist movement. There are a total of 800 pages of this book, and in it, the author has raised concerns and questions regarding the women’s rights.

Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde wrote a book named as Sister Outsider, and it is being sold on the web by many retailers. This book has a lot to learn from, such as how the feminist movement takes place, what rights the women deserved, and how they were treated in the past. Lorde is widely known for her civil rights activities, and she communicated her anger at the social and civil injustices going on in the past. Through her written works, she worked for the rights of females; she mainly talked about the provision of affordable educational and healthcare facilities to the girls. Have you any interest in feminist writing? If it is so, then you should talk about the feminist literary movement, and Lorde’s challenges she gave to the people in power. She drew their attention to the fact that women should be given equal rights and that they should not be treated based on their race, class, and religion.

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