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Before You Pay Someone to Write Your Essay, Think Twice!

So, you have decided to avail the services of a perfect essay writing company. You may have different reasons for your decision. But, the reality is, you are cheating the system by paying for an essay instead of writing one yourself. Do you understand the risk involved when you pay people to write papers?

At first, the benefits of essay writing services seem evident. It all looks innocent at face value:

  • Custom Essays are Inexpensive

This fact should alarm you; you will soon discover why.

  • Custom Essays are Well-Written and Well-Structured

Often, college professors write them themselves. Why is this so? Read on!

  • Custom Essays are Undetectable when Passed through Plagiarism Checkers

They have no traces of plagiarism.

  • Custom Essays can Save Your Time

It can be hard for students to maintain a steady work/school balance. As such, they need help meeting deadlines.

Everything is not as uncomplicated as it appears at first glance!

The Dangers of Hiring College Essay Writers for Pay

Why do your subject professors assign essay writing tasks? Such writings develop your critical thinking skills. They also develop your ability to form arguments and meet strict deadlines. Further, composing an essay is an improved tool for learning than reading. When you can compose an essay based on what you have learned, it means you are learning in class.

So, if you attempt to deceive your subject professor and pay for an essay, you are deceiving yourself instead. The number one risk of paying an essay is:

  • Knowing your writing style and knowledge level, your instructor can discern that the essay was not written by you. If your prior works were substandard compared to the new one, your instructor will be suspicious. Your new work is well-written. The language is flawless. But how did you achieve such skills overnight? A keen instructor will detect this sudden change.

Why Students Pay for Essays

Why Students Pay for Essays

Custom essay writing companies are growing by the minute. This is because there are thousands of students who would rather pay to write essay than put in the work. But, when you avail the services of online writers, who are you paying to write your essay? Here is the second risk of availing online essay writing services:

  • When you pay for an essay, you cannot assess the expertise of your unknown writer. All online writers claim that they have the appropriate skill set. They also state that they are native English-speakers who guarantee top-quality work. But, how can you be certain that you will receive value for money?

According to Perfect Essay, cheap essay writing services should be a red flag that an unqualified writer will compose your paper. Unqualified writers write essays for money and pay no attention to quality. A certain company may charge you $50 for a paper while another may charge you $150 for the exact work. Prices vary depending on the region. As such, there is no definite cost for a particular type of paper. Here is the third risk of buying essays online:

  • You cannot be certain that you will receive your money’s worth.

Why Professors Write Essays

Universities and colleges do not condone cases of outside parties writing their students’ papers. So, here is the fourth and most serious risk of buying essays online:

  • If your professor finds out you are cheating, you can say goodbye to your diploma. Expulsion is the standard punishment for handing in purchased papers.

How to Stay Safe When Buying an Essay

You can ask a professor to compose an essay on a specific topic. By doing so, you can be sure that it will be of high-quality. Upon delivery, you can cite it in your paper. No cases of plagiarism, you are the writer of your own work. You have hit two birds with one stone!

If you are ready to avail the services of an online writer, we at PerfectEssay advise you to:

  • Use Reliable and trustworthy services;
  • Track the progress of your order;
  • Scan your final paper for plagiarism. Even if they guarantee 100% originality.

Where to Find Reliable and Convenient Help with Essay Writing for Free

Where to Find Reliable and Convenient Help with Essay Writing for Free

Even though the internet makes academic writing less complicated, students still resort to essay writing services. If you want reliable help, you should:

  • Follow thematic profiles, pages, and groups on Twitter or Facebook. These platforms enable you to ask for professional help.
  • Your social accounts can serve as platforms through which you can find credible sources.
  • Join thematic forums to discuss, research, and ask for opposite views, statements, and essay topics.
  • Use Reddit to find information related to a certain topic.
  • Use thematic communities where professional can provide editing and proofreading help.

When you use these free sources to write our essay, you risk nothing. The fifth and last danger of buying essays online is:

  • Choosing unchecked and unknown essay writing companies that ask for credit card information is dangerous. It can result in cases of identity fraud.

There are credible essay writing services that do not ask for private information or provide re-cycled papers. It is the choice of students to decide whether they want to avail such services. But, considering the adverse consequences associated with such services is it worth putting your academic life on the line?

Now tell us: Do essay writing services work?

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